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The Importance of Steel Grade and Steel Gauge

Not All Steel is Created Equal

Steel is made from the mixing of raw materials of iron ore, coke, and limestone together in a blast furnace. In this furnace, the materials are superheated and melt together.  During the molten liquid stage, a bonding process of the various materials occurs.  There are waste parts, called slag, which are separated and removed.  The liquid material that is left over after all the slag is removed is the basis of steel when cooled.  The type, grade, and gauge are determined with further processing options.

Steel Grade

Not all manufacturers use the same type of alloy steel to make auto body replacement parts.  The steel grade is what determines the performance of the part. The important concept to remember is that the higher the grade, the better the performance and durability.  At Raybuck, we make sure our parts are made from one of the highest grades of steel so that our parts last longer and are durable and reliable.  With a higher grade of steel also comes with more resistance to corrosion and rust.  

Steel Gauge

To determine gauge, the number of ounces per square foot of area or the weight of the steel is defined. With steel gauge, the important concept to understand here is that the lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel.  Unlike Raybuck, most manufacturers will sell products that are the minimum gauge acceptable.  Raybuck makes sure that the product you receive will be one with thicker gauge so your parts are more resistant to dents, bending and stress. Learn more about this an other products from Raybuck like Rust Out Repair.

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