1980-1986 Ford Pickup Truck Rocker Panels

If you own a Ford pickup truck made between 1980 and 1986, your truck's rocker panels may be in need of repair or complete replacement. Since they are located beneath your truck doors, Ford truck rocker panels take the daily brunt of everything from dirt, gravel, water and road salt corrosion to damages resulting from parking lot dings and off-road use. Because rocker panels protect your pickup’s frame rails, and are a core structural component of your truck's cab, repairing them early on helps to ensure the longevity of your vehicle. Browse our inventory of 1980-1986 Ford pickup rocker panels and contact the team at Raybuck with any questions or for help finding the parts you need.

1980-1986 Ford F150 Rocker Panel Replacements

Your Ford F150 is one tough truck, but over time even the toughest of trucks can need auto body repair. Every time you step in or out of your truck, you actually pass right over one of its most vulnerable spots — its rocker panels. From getting paint chipped off by road debris or just everyday use, to rust eating away at their interior from moisture buildup, rocker panels take a lot of abuse.

Rocker panels are often one of the first areas that rust out on a vehicle because of their location. The good news is that with our high-quality rocker panel replacements, you can get your Ford truck’s rocker panels in no time at all — and at a price that won’t put a massive dent in your wallet.

Considerations When Buying Replacement Rocker Panels for Your Ford F150

Clearly, maintaining the body of your Ford pickup is a smart investment. When you choose replacement parts from Raybuck, you can count on getting heavy-gauge stamped steel parts of equal or greater thickness to the parts they’re replacing.

In addition, unlike other parts suppliers that stock generic, or “universal,” parts in an attempt to make more sales, we offer parts manufactured for your specific year, make and model of vehicle. Our parts are created using a 3D scan of the OEM parts they’re replacing, which results in perfect fitment. And for even more value, our parts come with an electro-deposit primer — or EDP coating — to protect your new panels from rust and corrosion. This e-coating protects parts during shipping and storage — and can easily be sanded before welding and painting.

Debating between full welded and slip-on rocker panels? Check out our article on slip-on versus. welding rocker panels. The difference between these two types of rocker panels is in both the installation and the finished product, so it’s important to understand the difference between the two before making your purchase!

Raybuck Has All the 1980-1986 Ford F150 Repair Panels You Need

Along with replacement rocker panels, we stock a large inventory of 1980-1986 Ford F150 rust repair panels including cab corners, wheel arches, bed panels, door skins and a whole lot more. So when it’s time to get your truck looking like new again, all you have to do is shop online — or contact us for the help and support you need to make all of your repairs a success.