Prothane Bushings Prothane believes polyurethane remains the ideal material for performance suspension bushings, motor, and transmission mounts. Rubber suspension bushings and mounts are a proven compromise as they can be stressed beyond their limits by a combination of normal atmospheric conditions, under-car grit, oil and grime, additional horsepower, oversize tires and lifted suspensions. If you're looking to tighten up your suspension, or simply need to replace some body mounts, look to our Prothane polyurethane bushing kits.

Aftermarket Prothane Bushings

One of the most cost effective methods of improving the handling and “feel” of any vehicle is to replace the mushy and probably worn-out OEM rubber body mount and suspension bushings. Our Prothane kits include Total Kits, Body/Cab Mount Kits, and Shackle Bushing & Leaf Spring Kits For Chevy/GMC, Dodge, Ford and Jeep.

ATTENTION: The contents of your kit may vary from the picture shown.