Is rust overtaking your vehicle? Cars of all makes, models and years need protection, and that need for protection grows with each passing year. That’s why Zero Rust makes for such a great solution. Whether your vehicle lives in particularly harsh climates, or if it’s simply a classic that is showing its age, Zero Rust can be a useful tool in protecting your investment. Couldn’t your car use an impermeable barrier against the rust-causing elements?

Zero-Rust Metal Coating: Protecting Your Investment

  • – Provides superior rust control – chemical, heat and abrasion resistant.
  • – Starves oxygen & moisture from the metal preventing the formation of rust.
  • – ASTM-B117 exceeds 2000 hours salt spray test.
  • – Easy-to-use, direct to metal, single package convenience.
  • – 40% harder than epoxy and 25% harder than urethane.
  • – Environmentally friendly, low in volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).
  • – Can be used either as a primer or satin finish final coat.
  • – Can be used on metal, concrete or wood.