Dash Pads

There's no doubt that the one part of the interior of your vehicle that takes the most direct abuse from the elements is your dash pad. Some may argues that it's the flooring, the seats, or even the door panels, but the dash pad just sits there and bakes in the sun all day, almost as if it's under a magnifying glass. The amount of heat gain that a dash pad takes on during a sunny day is amazing, and what's more amazing is that it doesn't just burst into flames. In time, though, this thermal abuse will break down your dash pad, and cracks will start to form. The cracks will grow larger and larger, and then you'll make the mistake of pressing on it with your finger just to find that your finger goes right through it, and now you just have a big hole. You lean back and look at it and now it looks like a miniature version of the Grand Canyon. As bad as it looks, it can at least be fixed with a replacement dash pad.

We sell replacement urethane dash pads made by Dashes Direct. Dashes Direct has been manufacturing duplicate original equipment restoration products in the USA since 1984. They use state of the art technology and techniques to provide premium quality reproductions of original dash pads, and they manufacture these dash pads using the highest automotive grade integral skin polyurethane and vacuum-formed vinyl. The dash pads are backed with steel inserts produced on a computer controlled CNC Amada punch press, ensuring a quality fit, and a durable product.

The reproduction dash pads are made from durable urethane materials and feature the correct grain and texture for an original appearance. They will look very similar to the original, but since they are made of solid urethane, they are harder than the original dash pad. If your dash is cracked, and you want to restore it to original condition, there’s no better way to fix it than by using one of our replacement dash pads.