1911-1935 Stutz Floor Mat Set


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Product Dimensions (HeightxLengthxWidth): 1x17x11
Accessory Floor Mat – made of high quality black rubber with molded original emblem. Also designed to be sewn into new carpets. 12″X17″, Each Easy to remove and clean,Heavy duty design
Stutz Model 4E Base 1914-1914
Stutz Model 4F Base 1915-1915
Stutz Model 693 Base 1925-1925
Stutz Model 694 Base 1925-1925
Stutz Model 695 Base 1925-1925
Stutz Model 6E Base 1914-1914
Stutz Model 6F Base 1915-1915
Stutz Model C Base 1916-1916
Stutz Model DV-32 Base 1932-1935
Stutz Model H.C.S Base 1915-1915
Stutz Model LA Base 1931
Stutz Model LAA Base 1932-1933
Stutz Model M Base 1929
Stutz Model MA Base 1930-1931
Stutz Model MB Base 1930-1931
Stutz Model SV-16 Base 1932-1935
Stutz Series A 1911-1911
Stutz Series A Base 1912-1912
Stutz Series B Base 1913-1913
Stutz Series BB Base 1928
Stutz Series G Base 1919-1919
Stutz Series H Base 1920-1920
Stutz Series K Base 1921-1922
Stutz Series R Base 1917-1917
Stutz Series S Base 1918-1918
Stutz Special Six Base 1923-1924
Stutz Speedway Four Base 1923-1924
Stutz Vertical Eight Base 1926-1927

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