1919-1957 Essex|Hudson Accelerator Pedal Pad


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Brand: Metro Moulded Parts
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Product Dimensions (HeightxLengthxWidth): 1x16x10.5
Accelerator Pedal Pad, 2-5/8″ X 9″, Each Metal cores will never separate from the rubber,We stand behind the quality and durability
Essex Challenger Base 1930
Essex Essex Base 1924-1924
Essex FOUR 1919-1923
Essex Pacemaker Base 1932
Essex SIX 1925-1932
Essex Super Six 1931
Essex Super Six Base 1927-1927
Essex Super Six Deluxe 1927-1927
Essex Super Six First Series 1928
Essex Super Six Second Series 1928
Hudson Commodore Series Base 1946-1952
Hudson Hornet Base 1951-1954
Hudson Hornet Custom 1955-1957
Hudson Hornet Special Super 1956
Hudson Hornet Super 1955-1957
Hudson Jet Base 1953-1954
Hudson Jetliner Base 1954
Hudson Pacemaker Base 1950-1952
Hudson Pacemaker Custom 1951
Hudson Pickup Base 1946-1947
Hudson Rambler Custom 1955
Hudson Rambler Deluxe 1955
Hudson Rambler Fleet Special 1955
Hudson Rambler Super 1955
Hudson SUPER 6 1946-1950
Hudson SUPER 8 1946-1950
Hudson Super Custom Base 1951
Hudson Super Jet Base 1953-1954
Hudson Super Wasp Base 1953-1954
Hudson Wasp Base 1952-1955
Hudson Wasp Custom 1955
Hudson Wasp Super 1956

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