1920-1928 Buick|Chevrolet|Packard Swing-Out Lower Windshield Seal, Sold by the Foot


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Brand: Metro Moulded Parts
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Product Dimensions (HeightxLengthxWidth): 1x16x10.5
Swing-Out Lower Windshield Seal/Gasket. Sold by the foot Excellent rebound memory,High quality EPDM extrusion,Will not break down with UV light (unlike foam)
Buick MASTER SIX 1926
Buick SERIES 115 1927-1928
Buick SERIES 120 1927-1928
Buick SERIES 128 1927-1928
Buick SERIES 20 1925-1925
Buick SERIES 24 1924-1924
Buick SERIES 30 1924-1924
Buick Series 40 1924-1925
Buick Series 50 1924-1925
Buick Standard Six 1926
Chevrolet Capitol Base 1927-1927
Chevrolet National Base 1928
Chevrolet Superior Base 1924-1926
Chevrolet Superior Truck Base 1924-1926
Packard Custom Eight 1928
Packard EIGHT 1925-1925
Packard Single Eight 1921-1923
Packard Single Eight Base 1924-1927
Packard Single Six Base 1921-1928
Packard Standard Eight 1928
Packard Twin Six Base 1920-1923

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