2009-2014 Ford Pickup Truck Rocker Panels

When you're looking for Ford F150 rocker panels, we’ve got you covered at Raybuck Auto Body Parts. With everything from our expert support to our high-quality products and competitive pricing, repairing your Ford pickup truck has never been easier or more rewarding. We’re confident in our parts and service, which is why you can trust Raybuck to help you find the right parts for all of your rust repair projects. From 2009-2014 Ford F150 regular cab rocker panels all the way up to 2009-2014 F150 crew cab rocker panels, we carry driver and passenger side repair panels made for your truck's year, make and model so that you get a perfect fit.

2009-2014 Ford F150 Rocker Panel Replacements

While your Ford F150 pickup truck is tough as a horse, debris from the road day in and day out can leave it with weak spots. And nowhere is its exposure to rocks, gravel, road salts and impacts greater than on its rocker panels.

From paint chipping and small dings to more significant damage like rust, your rocker panels are typically one of the first places your truck will show wear and tear. Sometimes it’s a parking accident where a high curb or obstacle puts a permanent dent in one of your panels. Other times, it’s the telltale signs of when your paint job starts to bubble up from rust forming below it.

Whatever the cause of damage, replacing your rocker panels can help protect other areas of your truck from further — and in many instances costlier — repairs and extend the useful life of your workhorse.

Considerations When Buying Replacement Rocker Panels for Your Ford F150

Other than the quality of the rocker panels you’re ordering, there’s nothing more important to the success of your repair job than their precise fit. It’s also another reason why ordering your replacement parts from our team at Raybuck makes so much sense.

We work with you to understand exactly what model, year and cab type of pickup truck you’re looking to repair. Then, from our wide selection of rocker panels that are cut out and stamped according to 3D scans of OEM parts, you can be confident you’ll get a replacement part that’s an exact match for the shape of your original one.

For even greater value, all of our replacement rocker panels come coated with an electro-deposit primer — or EDP coating — that makes them extra resistant to rust and corrosion until you install and paint them. This e-coating appears as a black finish that can easily be sanded in preparation for welding or painting.

Raybuck Has All the 2009-2014 Ford F150 Repair Panels You Need

In addition to rocker panels, we carry a full line of 2009-2014 Ford F150 repair panels including wheel arches, door skins, cab mounts and much more. For all of your replacement part needs, shop online, or contact us now.