1925-1976 Sunbeam Alpine Leaf Spring Insulator 12pc Set


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Brand: Metro Moulded Parts
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Product Dimensions (HeightxLengthxWidth): 1x16x10.5
Spring Shackle Rubber Insulators. 1″ wide X 6-3/4″ long each. 12-Piece Set Parts are created with over 50 tons of pressure for High Quality definition and High Quality detailing. Superior form and function
Sunbeam Alpine 1959-1975
Sunbeam Alpine Base 1953-1973
Sunbeam Alpine i 1960
Sunbeam Alpine II 1961-1962
Sunbeam Alpine III 1963
Sunbeam Alpine IV 1964
Sunbeam Alpine IV GT 1964
Sunbeam Alpine Le Mans 1962-1963
Sunbeam Alpine MK IIA 1953-1954
Sunbeam Alpine MK III 1955
Sunbeam Alpine V 1965-1967
Sunbeam DAWN 1934-1935
Sunbeam Imp Base 1966-1967
Sunbeam IMP SPORT 1968-1976
Sunbeam MK II 1950-1951
Sunbeam MK IIA 1952
Sunbeam MK III 1954-1956
Sunbeam MK III Base 1955
Sunbeam MK IIIS 1957
Sunbeam Rapier 1955-1976
Sunbeam Rapier Base 1968-1970
Sunbeam Rapier i 1956-1958
Sunbeam Rapier II 1958-1960
Sunbeam Rapier III 1960-1961
Sunbeam Rapier IIIA 1962-1963
Sunbeam Rapier IV 1964
Sunbeam Rapier V 1965-1967
Sunbeam SIXTEEN 1929-1933
Sunbeam SPEED TWENTY 1933-1935
Sunbeam STILETTO 1967-1972
Sunbeam Sunbeam-Talbot 80 Base 1948-1949
Sunbeam Sunbeam-Talbot 90 Base 1948-1949
Sunbeam THREE-LITRE 1925-1930
Sunbeam Tiger Base 1964-1967
Sunbeam TWENTY 1929-1935
Sunbeam TWENTY-FIVE 1929-1935
Sunbeam VENEZIA 1963-1965

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