1979-1993 Ford|Mercury Capri|Mustang Door Seal, Sedan or Convertible


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Brand: Metro Moulded Parts
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Product Dimensions (HeightxLengthxWidth): 2.25×14.5×15.5
Door Seal/Gasket for Sedan or Convertible (Imported). Fits either side. 154″ Long. Each Hand selected high quality import you can trust,High quality OEM replacement
Ford Mustang Base 1979-1983
Ford Mustang Ghia 1979-1981
Ford Mustang GL 1982-1983
Ford Mustang GLX 1982-1983
Ford Mustang GT 1983-1993
Ford Mustang GT-350 20th Anniversary 1984-1984
Ford Mustang L 1982-1984
Ford Mustang LX 1984-1993
Mercury Capri 5 1986-1986
Mercury Capri Base 1979-1983
Mercury Capri Black Magic 1982-1983
Mercury Capri Crimson Cat 1983-1983
Mercury Capri Ghia 1979-1980
Mercury Capri GS 1981-1986
Mercury Capri L 1982-1983
Mercury Capri RS 1982-1985
Mercury Capri RS Turbo 1984-1984

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