1981-1989 Chrysler|Dodge|Plymouth Windshield and Rear Windshield Reveal Molding Clip


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Product Dimensions (HeightxLengthxWidth): 1x9x6
Windshield and Rear Windshield Reveal Molding Clip. Made of nylon. 2″ X 11/16″. Each High strength,Superior form and function
Chrysler LeBaron Base 1981-1989
Chrysler LeBaron GT 1989-1989
Chrysler LeBaron GTC 1989-1989
Chrysler LeBaron GTS 1985-1989
Chrysler LeBaron High Line 1989-1989
Chrysler LeBaron Mark Cross 1983-1986
Chrysler LeBaron Medallion 1981-1982
Chrysler LeBaron Premium 1987-1989
Chrysler LeBaron Salon 1981-1981
Chrysler LeBaron Special 1981-1981
Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country 1981-1981
Chrysler LeBaron Turbo 1985-1987
Dodge Aries America 1988-1989
Dodge Aries Base 1981-1987
Dodge Aries Custom 1981-1984
Dodge Aries LE 1985-1989
Dodge Aries SE 1981-1986
Plymouth Reliant America 1988-1989
Plymouth Reliant Base 1981-1987
Plymouth Reliant Custom 1981-1984
Plymouth Reliant LE 1985-1987
Plymouth Reliant SE 1981-1986

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