1953-1972 Ford Pickup Truck Bedside, OE Style w/o Stake Pocket Holes Passenger Side

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Reproduction OE style bed side without stake pocket holes for the 1953-56 Ford F100 Short Bed Flareside model trucks. Each bed side is stamped from high quality heavy gauge steel and features correct as shape, size, curves, bends and holes. RH = passenger side. The Bedside OE Style without Stake Pocket Holes is specifically designed for the 1953-1972 Ford F100 Short Bed Flareside pickup trucks. It is an essential component that forms the outer wall of the bed on either the driver or passenger side. The Bedside is responsible for providing structural support and protecting the cargo area of the truck. Constructed with high-quality materials and designed to OEM specifications, the Bedside OE Style ensures a precise fit and seamless integration with the rest of the truck’s body. It is manufactured to match the original style and appearance, giving your Ford F100 a classic and authentic look. The Bedside OE Style without Stake Pocket Holes does not include holes for stake pockets, which gives it a cleaner and sleeker appearance. This option is often preferred by truck owners who want a smooth and uninterrupted bed surface or plan to customize their truck bed with alternative storage solutions. Replacing the Bedside on your Ford F100 Short Bed Stepside requires removing the old or damaged bedside and installing the new one in its place. It is recommended to consult a professional or follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation. This ensures that the Bedside is securely attached and aligned with other components of the truck bed. By installing the Bedside OE Style without Stake Pocket Holes, you can restore the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your Ford F100. It provides a durable and reliable outer wall for the truck bed, ensuring that it can handle various loads and withstand the demands of daily use. When selecting a Bedside for your Ford F100, ensure that it is designed for the specific model year and bed size (short bed) to ensure proper fitment. It is also advisable to choose a Bedside from a reputable manufacturer that offers high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship. In summary, the Bedside OE Style without Stake Pocket Holes is an integral component for the 1953-1972 Ford F100 Short Bed Stepside trucks. It offers a seamless and clean appearance while providing structural support and protection to the cargo area. By replacing your old or damaged Bedside with a high-quality OE-style replacement, you can enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your Ford F100.
1953 – 1972 Ford F100 Short Bed Flareside

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