1992-2012 Ford Full Size Van Rocker Panels

1992-2012 Ford Full-Size Van Rocker Panels If you own a full-size Ford van manufactured between 1992 and 2012, Raybuck Auto Body Parts has you covered when it comes to rocker panel replacements. We stock a full selection of high-quality Ford van rocker panels for both driver and passenger sides of the vehicle, as well as front and back. And everything is backed by our quality assurance and expert customer service. Read on to learn why ordering rocker panel replacements from us is the answer to maintaining the look and roadworthiness of your Ford van at a price you can afford.

Rocker Panels for 1992-2012 Full-Size Ford Vans

Located between the front and rear wheel wells along the lower sides of your van, rocker panels are what you step over when you enter, exit or load and unload cargo from the side of your van. From an automotive engineering standpoint, rocker panels add rigidity to the overall structure of your van. But due to how low they’re located on your vehicle, they’re prone to a number of issues.

When you think of everything you drive over — from road salt to puddles — you can begin to imagine what types of debris and corrosive chemicals eat away at your rocker panels each day your van is on the road. In addition, it’s often a rocker panel that takes the salt and grime of winter roads or high curbstone. And once a rocker panel is damaged, it’s even more prone to rust.

The good news is that damaged, worn-out and rusted rocker panels can be replaced. And when you order from us, we’re here to ensure you get the right part at an affordable price.

How to Tell If Your 1992-2012 Ford Van’s Rocker Panels Need to Be Replaced

Some of the smartest money you can spend on keeping your Ford van structurally sound is on rocker panel replacement. Once you see signs of flaking and rust and/or holes or dents in your rocker panels, it’s most likely time to consider replacing them.

Another important point to remember is that the majority of issues with rust start on the inside of a panel. By the time rust is visible on the outside of a panel, the damage inside the panel is typically much worse. Note that old-fashioned fiberglass repair attempts do nothing for the integrity of your van — only a replacement rocker panel will restore your vehicle’s torsion strength.

Additionally, because of their location, rocker panels are typically some of the first auto body panels that need replacement. Whether it’s on the driver side, passenger side or one of the inner or outer cargo sides, replacing your 1992-2012 Ford van’s rocker panels is a smart move to protect your van over the long haul.

Shop Quality Rocker Panels for Your Full-Size Ford Van From Raybuck Auto Body Parts

Of course, no amount of repair work is satisfying if the replacement part is of poor quality or doesn’t fit. Fortunately, when you order rocker panels from Raybuck Auto Body Parts, you know your part begins as an exact 3D scan of the original manufacturer’s part. Then, it’s manufactured from heavy gauge stamped steel that meets or exceeds the thickness of the original part.

In addition, our panels come with a protective EDP coating to help make them corrosion-resistant until you install and paint them. The repair you do today will help keep your van looking great for years to come.

Best of all, our team of experienced customer service representatives is always happy to help. For answers to all of your auto body repair panel questions, feel free to contact us now.