1997-2003 Ford F150/F250LD Truck Rocker Panels

Your 1997-2003 Ford F150 rocker panels take a daily beating from general wear and tear and the elements like water, road debris, salt and sunlight. They are a vital component of your truck’s body, and to extend the life of your pickup, you will want to keep them rust-free and in good condition. Raybuck Auto Body Parts has high-quality heavy-gauge stamped steel repair panels that are as thick as or thicker than the existing OEM parts. We design each panel for a perfect fit, and we have a selection of slip-on or full welded rocker panels to help you get your Ford truck looking like new. Browse our online inventory and if you need help choosing the right part, let us know!

Replace Your 1997-2003 Ford F150/F250LD Truck Rocker Panels

Your Ford F150 rocker panels can be damaged because of several components, but rust is the biggest culprit. When your 1997-2003 pickup truck comes in contact with road salt, dirt and other debris, rust can begin to form from the inside out. Off-roading can also take a toll when your rockers hit divots and large rocks. Damage and corrosion in these areas can compromise the safety and value of your pickup truck.

However, replacing your Ford F15 or Ford F250 rocker panels is easy with Raybuck. Our solutions are made of heavy-gauge stamped steel that meets or surpasses the thickness of the OEM rocker panels on your vehicle and are created using a 3D scan of an original part from the manufacturer so that you get a perfect fit.

When selecting new rocker panels for your Ford pickup, you will want to consider quality and fitment. Do it right the first time and rely on quality solutions from Raybuck Auto Body Parts – cheaper solutions can create headaches when you run into problems with strength, fitment and quality. It’s worth it to get the repair right the first time.

Save time and effort instead of wasting your time modifying other panels from cheaper sources. Our products offer easy installation and clean finishes without the need for modifications.

The Difference Between Slip-On and Full Rocker Panels for Your Ford Pickup

Two types of rocker panels exist — slip-on and full. Slip-ons go over top your existing rockers and are a lower-cost solution. They are a viable choice if you’re not up on your welding skills. Cut away at the rust on your old rocker panels, install the slip-on over the top using rivets and fasteners or adhesives and paint to match your truck. Although it’s not a seamless finish, it will still improve the value, appearance and longevity of your 1997-2003 Ford truck.

You can also invest in full, welded solutions that replace the entire rocker panel. Cut away at the rust using a grinder or other tool, then weld the new panel in its place. Finish the job by prepping and painting the new panel to match. It’s the best result to create a like-new, clean and smooth finish but requires more time, skill and tools.

Whether you’re looking to repair a small rust hole in your 1998 Ford F150’s rocker panels before it spreads or repair a bent and damaged rocker on your 2001 Ford F250LD, Raybuck has what you need.

Trust Raybuck for All Your Rust Repair Panel Needs

If you’re not sure which rocker panel repairs you need, our team of experts is ready to answer questions and help you choose the best fit for your 1997-2003 Ford truck. We offer a top selection of quality panels for various cab types whether you perform daily driving and hauling or use your vehicle for fun trips.

View the Raybuck catalog to search for the exact year, make and model of a truck as we also provide other body panels such as cab corners and door skins. Contact us online or call, email or chat with a representative for further guidance.