1971-1979 Volkswagen Super Beetle

Maintaining the Tradition

The 1970s were a golden era in Super Beetle history, but this wonderful period for VW’s lovable model is getting a little smaller in the rear-view mirror. If you own a 1971–1979 Super Beetle, the years of wear and tear are starting to show.

This aging process can be paralyzing for a Super Beetle owner, but it doesn’t have to be. The Super Beetle parts and repair panels that you need to rid your car of rust or replace damaged areas are readily available. The key is to find a trusted source that will make your replacement process as simple as possible.

Inexpensive and Easy to Install

The best things about Super Beetle replacement parts are that they can be purchased without breaking the bank —they can also be installed in do-it-yourself fashion. Have you been tolerating a worn, rusted, damaged panel on your Beetle for too long? Have you just purchased a 1971–1979 Super Beetle that needs a complete overhaul? Repair and replacement panels can help you take a huge, inexpensive step towards achieving your vision.

At Raybuck, we serve owners by offering the best parts at unbeatable prices. If you have a replacement need for your Super Beetle, we have the part you want. If you’re unsure about exactly what you need, our experts can help you examine the options and choose the best solution. Their sole purpose is to help you identify the part needed to achieve your goals. When you call, you won’t get a machine. You’ll get a friendly, knowledgeable representative who will make your search for a repair panel easy and enjoyable.

Shop for All Parts, Big and Small

You might have a glaring issue, or you might have a problem that most people never notice. The important thing is this: no matter your problem’s size, it deserves a solution. And as your Super Beetle gets older, these replacement panels are helpful to maintaining its youthful spirit. Raybuck carries a wide selection of Super Beetle rust and replacement panels that aim to solve your problem, including:

  • Rear floor panels
  • Door hinges
  • Running board mounts
  • Quarter panels
  • Inner door panels
  • Wheelhouse fasteners
  • Splash panels
  • Battery trays
  • Chassis supports
  • Rocker panels
  • And more.

Get Back in Action, Back in Style

Classic VW Super Beetles are portals to the past, rich in heritage and tradition. They stand for the joy of driving, and they stand for a certain style unique to the model. Cracked, rusted, damaged panels can spell disaster for that joy. There’s nothing worse than seeing a broken-down, banged-up Super Beetle and imagining the way it once looked. Get the straight-from-the-factory look back again.

Shop Raybuck and find the replacement panels you need at unbeatable prices. Browse our selection of 1971–1979 Super Beetle repair panels, and give your VW a facelift.