1953-1955 Ford Pickup Truck Gas Tank Sending Unit

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Designed to meet or exceed the performance of the original equipment they replace. Sending units are constructed from premium materials and are made to factory specifications. Ships complete with brass float and rubber gasket. All AMD sending units are factory tested to ensure product performance and quality. Note: 15-160 Ohm 1953-1955 Ford F100 F-100 F250 F-250 Gas Fuel Tank Sending Sender Unit The Gas Tank Sending Unit is a crucial component of the fuel system in the 1953-1955 Ford F100 F250 trucks. It is responsible for measuring the level of fuel in the gas tank and sending that information to the fuel gauge on the dashboard, allowing the driver to monitor the fuel level accurately. The Gas Tank Sending Unit is designed to fit directly into the fuel tank of the F100 F250 trucks. It consists of a float attached to a variable resistor. As the fuel level in the tank changes, the float moves up or down, which in turn changes the resistance of the variable resistor. This change in resistance is then transmitted to the fuel gauge, which displays the corresponding fuel level to the driver. It is important to ensure that the Gas Tank Sending Unit is compatible with your specific make and model of the F100 F250 truck, as slight variations in design and electrical connections may exist between different years and models. The sending unit should be an exact fit for easy installation and proper functionality. When installing or replacing the Gas Tank Sending Unit, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines. This typically involves draining the fuel tank, removing the old sending unit, and installing the new one in its place. It is also recommended to inspect the fuel tank for any signs of damage or corrosion and address any issues before installing the new sending unit. Proper installation and functioning of the Gas Tank Sending Unit are crucial for accurate fuel level readings. A faulty or malfunctioning sending unit can lead to inaccurate fuel gauge readings, which can result in running out of fuel unexpectedly or cause other fuel-related issues. In summary, the Gas Tank Sending Unit is a vital component of the fuel system in the 1953-1955 Ford F100 F250 trucks. It ensures accurate fuel level readings on the dashboard fuel gauge, allowing the driver to monitor fuel levels effectively. When replacing or installing a new sending unit, it is important to choose a compatible unit and follow proper installation procedures for optimal performance.
1953 – 1955 Ford F100
1953 – 1955 Ford F250

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