1967-1976 Dodge| Plymouth Dart| Scamp Outer Wheelhouse, Driver Side

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LH = Driver Side Odds are high your wheelhouses will need replacement or repair if your quarter panels and trunk floor extensions (drop offs) contain rust. It’s very common to need all three items since they are all connected. Our OE style wheelhouses are direct replacements of originals and feature correct flanges, tabs, holes and bends. We also carry inner wheelhouses which are often required. Restore the structural integrity and aesthetics of your 1967-1976 Dodge Dart or 1971-1976 Plymouth Scamp with this Outer Wheelhouse. Crafted to precision and designed for durability, this wheelhouse panel is a vital component that helps maintain the structural integrity and appearance of your classic car while preserving its authenticity. The Outer Wheelhouse is meticulously engineered to fit your 1967-1976 Dodge Dart and 1971-1976 Plymouth Scamp flawlessly. It serves as a crucial component in enhancing the structural integrity of your restoration project, providing support to the rear wheel arches and preserving the original contours of your vintage vehicle. Constructed from high-quality materials, this outer wheelhouse is built to withstand the rigors of daily driving and exposure to various weather conditions. It helps protect your classic car from moisture, debris, and road contaminants, preventing potential damage to the wheel arches and enhancing the vehicle’s longevity. Installation is straightforward and suitable for both experienced restorers and DIY enthusiasts. This outer wheelhouse simplifies the restoration process by offering a reliable and hassle-free solution for repairing or upgrading your Dodge Dart or Plymouth Scamp’s rear wheel arches while preserving their authenticity. Trusted by classic car enthusiasts and restorers, the Outer Wheelhouse is the preferred choice for its quality, durability, and authenticity. When it comes to preserving the structural integrity and appearance of your vintage vehicle, this outer wheelhouse is the ultimate solution. Enhance the strength and authenticity of your classic car restoration project with the Outer Wheelhouse. Give your Dodge Dart or Plymouth Scamp the care it deserves and ensure it continues to stand strong and evoke nostalgia for generations to come.
1967 – 1976 Dodge Dart
1971 – 1976 Plymouth Scamp

Mopar Authentic Restoration

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