1968-1969 Plymouth| Dodge Charger| Coronet| Super Bee| Belvedere| GTX| Road Runner| Satellite Master Chassis Hardware Kit , 266 Pcs


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The authentic hardware you need to correctly reassemble the engine components which attach to the long-block. Most fasteners are either meticulous reproductions or New Old Stock. Most items are made in USA to the same standards required by Chrysler. Master Chassis Hardware Kit Includes: Part# Application Notes Pcs C-8027 Differential Carrier Cover – 9 3/4 3/8″ Hx Flng Bolts “E” 10 C-8084 Engine Insulator > Eng Brkt – Exc Hemi Hx Nuts,Coni Wa’s 4 C-8086 Engine Mount Brackets – 383/440 Hx Bolts, 5/8 Nuts, Flat Wa’s 19 C-8088 Engine Insulator > Body – V8 Exc Hemi Hx Bolts “38”, Coni Wa’s 4 C-8095 Trans Insulator > Crossmember Lock Nut 1 C-8105 Strut Rod > K-Frame (B & E Body) 5/8-11 Lock Nuts 4 C-8106 Driveshaft > Flange Straps,Hx Bolts, Split Wa’s 10 C-8109 Shocks (Fr) – Lwr Mounting Hx Bolts ‘TR” Or “D”, Lock Nuts 4 C-8112 Leaf Spring Mounting @ Front Hub Bolts, Coni Keps 16 C-8113 Shackles – Nuts Only Hx Nuts 4 C-8115 Axle Housing > Springs 1/2-20 X 7.12 U-Bolts, Lock Nuts 12 C-8117 Suspension Bumper Brkt > 8 3/4 Axle Hx Coni Sems “Anchor” 2 C-8118 Suspension Bumpers (Rr) Hx Coni Sems “Anchor” 4 C-8119 Shocks (Rr) – Upr Mounting Hx Bolts, Lock Nuts 4 C-8120 Shocks (Rr) – Lwr Mounting Hx Nuts Only 2 C-8124 Steering Gear (B Body) Hi-Hx Hd Bolts, Split Wa’s 6 C-8131 Gas Tank J-Bolts, Lock Nuts 4 C-8133 Differential Carrier – 8 3/4 Nuts w/ Nylon Patch 10 C-8157 Suspension Bumper Brkt > 9 3/4 Axle Hx Coni Sems “Anchor” 3 C-8175 Suspension Bumpers (Fr) Hug-Lok Nuts 4 C-8177 Brake Drum Retainers 1/2″ Stud, Green Push On Retain 6 C-8178 Steering Linkage Tri-Slot Nuts, Cotier Pins 12 C-8192 Wheel Cylinders (4) W 5/16-18 5/16-18 Hx Ext Sems 8 C-8202 Brake Cable Tension Adjuster Flange Lock Nut Only 1 C-8203 Proportioning Valve > Apron Red Flange Lock Nut 1 C-8208 Stabilizer Bar Center Supports Hx Coni Sems, Hx Nuts 8 C-8212 Control Arms (Upr) Cam Bolts, Washers , Nuts 16 C-8214 Leaf Spring Mounting @ Front “H” Marked Bolts, Marsden Nut 4 C-8215 Idler Arm ‘TR” Hex Bolt, Tri-Slot Nut, Pin 3 C-8216 K-Frame > Body Special Hex Coni Sems 4 C-8219 Trans Crossmember Hx Bolts, Flat Wa’s, Lock Nuts 16 C-8220 Trans Insulator > Trans Hx Coni Sems 2 C-8222 Axle Retaining Nuts Hx Lock Nuts, Flng Nuts 10 C-8223 Ball Joints W Drum Brakes Hx Bolts, Slotted Nuts, Pins 12 C-8226 Pitman Arm Nut, Split Wa 2 C-8227 Brake Assembly (Front Drum) > Spindle Hx Bolts, Split Wa’s, Nuts 12 C-8228 Brake Hoses > Bracket Clips U-Clips 3 C-8330 Parking Brake Control > Body Hx Coni Sems, Coni Keps 3 C-8332 Master Cylinder Hx Lock Nuts 4 C-8333 Master Cylinder Support Plate Coni Keps, Ext Keps, Sealer 4 C-8336 Brake Booster Hx Lock Nuts 4 C-8337 Wheel Cylinders (4) W 1/4-20 Hx Flng Screws 8 C-8338 Accelerator Pedal (B & E Body) Coni Keps,Coni Sems 6
1968 – 1969 Dodge Charger
1968 – 1969 Dodge Coronet
1968 – 1969 Dodge Super Bee
1968 – 1969 Plymouth Belvedere
1968 – 1969 Plymouth GTX
1968 – 1969 Plymouth Road Runner
1968 – 1969 Plymouth Satellite

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