1971-1972 Dodge Demon Level 3 Chassis Stiffening Kit

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Level 3 chassis stiffening kit for the 71-72 Dodge Demon. Purchasing these components as a kit offers a substantial savings over purchasing the components individually. Kit includes: Weld-in Frame Connectors Front & Rear Torque Boxes Lower Radiator Core Support Brace Inner Fender Braces Rear Spring Relocation Kit Mini Tub Kit USCT weld-in frame connectors are CNC Machine cut from 12ga thick steel (original factory rails are made from 16 gauge material) and CNC bent for a precision fit, these frame rail connectors are designed to be welded in to your existing unibody floor pan. No cutting of the floorpan is required and once welded in, they create a fully boxed frame rail connector that is stronger than the original factory frame rails!! A Unique design fits both Dodge cars (67-75) and Early Plymouth A Bodies (67-69). Requires welding. USCT torque boxes are designed to add strength to your Mopar unibody in several critical areas. The factory added OEM torque boxes on the high-HP, high torque cars and convertibles. Hemi cars, six-pak cars etc. had torque boxes added by the factory engineers. Our interpretation of the OEM pieces improves on that proven design. We made them stronger by using 1/8″ thick steel and having them CNC Machine cut and CNC bent. USCT lower radiator core support brace installs between the front frame rails, under the factory radiator. Can replace the factory thin sheet metal support or can be installed on top of the factory core support. Adds rigidity to the extreme front of the factory frame rails. USCT inner fender braces are designed and engineered to add stiffness and strength to the front end of your car’s unibody. They connect the inner fender sheet metal to the stamped steel shock tower and add a continuous gusset/brace travelling rearward to the firewall. This system is designed to allow suspension forces to be dissipated into the unibody rather than causing a bending motion in any single component. Stated plainly, your frame rails will not bend as much after install the USCT inner fender braces! USCT leaf spring relocating kit is self aligning off the factory leaf spring mounting holes and includes instruction on how to cut the factory frame rails, locate and weld in the new front and rear mounts and measure to be sure you are straight and square. This kit won’t make you a chassis shop, but it will help an advanced hot rodder gain up to 8″of tire tread space in the back of that Mopar! USCT mini tub kit allows you to Mini-Tub your A-body Mopar in a weekend with our pre-fabricated wheel tub filler. Kit includes pre-fabricated wheel tub fillers, trunk hinge brace extensions, set of cut templates and instructions.
1971 – 1972 Dodge Demon

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