1988-1998 GM Pickup Truck Rocker Panels

BROWSE 1988-1998 GM PICKUP TRUCK ROCKER PANELS Your GM pickup truck has given you years of dependable service. Don't let rusty rocker panels take it out of commission for good. At Raybuck, we have a selection of high-quality slip-on or full welded rocker panel replacements that will help you to return your 1988-1998 GM truck to like-new condition. Browse our catalog or contact our team if you need any help choosing the right rust replacement parts for your Chevrolet or GMC pickup.

1988-1998 GM Truck Rocker Panels from Raybuck

When you purchase replacement rocker panels from Raybuck, you get the benefits of a quality manufacturing process from start to finish. This includes:

  • • 3D scans of original parts to ensure perfect fitment and dimensional accuracy
  • • Heavy-gauge stamped steel as thick or thicker than OEM panels
  • • EDP coating to protect the panel from corrosion until it can be primed and painted

You may find cheaper rust repair rocker panels elsewhere, but they often require modification to fit correctly because they aren’t made specifically for your year, make and model truck. They likely also use thin, low-quality steel which is more susceptible to warping, premature rusting and other types of damage — taking you right back to square one.

How to Choose the Right Rocker Panels for Your GM Pickup

There is no guesswork when you purchase rocker panels for your GM pickup at Raybuck. Simply input the year, make and model of your truck, and we will display all of the parts that are made to fit it.

Pay close attention to the body style and cab configuration of your truck, since GM offered several versions of the Chevy and GMC C/K pickup trucks made between 1988 and 1998. Choose the rocker panels that match your regular cab, extended cab or crew cab truck to be sure you have the perfect fitment.

You can also choose from two types of rocker panels:

  • • Slip-On: The slip-on style is generally less work to install and is ideal if you don’t have much experience welding. Instead, you cut away the old rusty portions of your rocker panels and glue, rivet or fasten the slip-on rocker panels on top of your existing ones.
  • • Full: If your rocker panels are really in bad shape or you’re just looking for a cleaner finish, your only option may be to fully cut and grind your old panels away and weld in new ones. This takes a bit of skill with a welder, so make sure you — or someone willing to help — can tackle this job.

In both cases, you are getting top-quality steel panels that have been EDP coated to prevent rust during storage and transport. Just scuff your parts, install them as directed — with adhesive, rivets or welding — and finish off with prep and painting.

Contact Raybuck Auto Body Parts Today

At Raybuck, we take pride in our excellent selection of rust repair panels and customer service, so start browsing our online catalog now or contact us for more information. You can call, email or use our online chat, and we will assist you in identifying the right replacement rocker panels for your 1988-1998 GM pickup truck.

All you need is the year, make, model and body style of your truck, and you are ready to get started!