1987-1996 Ford Pickup Truck Bed Panels

BROWSE 1987-1996 FORD F-SERIES PICKUP TRUCK BED PANELS Once your Ford truck bed starts to rust, it doesn't stop. A rusty bed can take an otherwise good truck off the road and turn your asset into a liability. If you are looking to get more miles and more work out of your trusty 1987-1996 Ford F150 pickup, replace your rusty bed panels with new ones. With our rust repair panels, you get top quality heavy-gauge stamped steel and perfect fitment for a clean and durable installation. You can ensure your truck stays on the road for years to come and even increase its value when you choose the right truck bed panels from our selection.

Important Considerations When Buying Replacement Ford Pickup Truck Bed Panels

Before ordering your truck bed rust repair panels, make sure you are choosing the right ones for your year, make and model of pickup. Ford built different bed type configurations during the 1987-1996 model years, and not all panels will work with all trucks.

When you browse our online selection of top quality replacement bed panels, you will choose your year, make and model. Pay close attention to your bed size and body style to ensure you are ordering the right panels:

  • • Styleside: This is the ‘standard’ type of box with flat sides and the wheels are contained within the box of the bed. GM, Dodge and others call this type of box “Fleetside.”
  • • Flareside: This is the name Ford gave to their sportier pickup beds with the wheels on the outside of the bed and a fully rectangular bed shape. Other truck makers use the name “Stepside.”

Truck Bed Panel Quality and Fit

The key to a quality pickup bed rust repair project is choosing the right panels for the job. Identify the portions that need attention and select the appropriate Raybuck rust repair panels.

Buy the panels that match your year, make and model, playing close attention to your bed type and length. The 1987-1996 Ford full-size pickups were available in short, medium and long box lengths, so always choose the corresponding panels as they won’t all work for all beds.

We also have top quality Ford cross sill repair kits and other body repair panels for every corner of your truck. All of our panels are designed and manufactured for the perfect fit and steel thickness that meets or exceeds OEM, so choose Raybuck and make your next truck bed repairs your last.

Quality Truck Bed Repair Panels from Raybuck

We use a 3D scanning process to create perfect replacement truck bedside panels and cross sills that are identical to the parts you’re replacing. This saves time, effort and money when it comes time to install them.

You also get panels made heavy-gauge stamped steel that meets or exceeds the original thickness for increased strength, resistance to warping and corrosion and greater overall durability. Once welded in place, you can finish your new truck bed for a clean and attractive appearance that may even increase the value of your 1987-1996 Ford F150 pickup — and you’re sure to get many more miles of reliable service from your truck.

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